Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas kitchen Swap

Hey Y'all
I love this time of year, there usually seems to be a bit of magic in the air, not really feeling it this year.  Work has wrecked that. Hopefully in the next week I will find and feel a bit of magic, I need it,  just doesn't feel like Christmas without it.
What does feel like Christmas is swapping with a new friend!
Debby at Cozy Blanket and I were partnered and I have a new friend she says I am stuck with her ha ha,  well I can handle that! She is the sweetest and treated me lavishly in the gifts she sent.
So cute and sweet and looks great on 
my tree in the kitchen!

Sweet bottle brush tree in a bottle!
Sparkles in the snow.

Blessed little peg angel, lots of bits and bobs
to craft with, and a Debbie Macomber book
I have not yet read.

See I told you treats galore!
I am so thankful for our little blog community.
Thank You Debby! I am truly grateful!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas is on the way....

Hey y'all!
OK you know I love swaps and stumbled over this one today thanks to Sandy at 521 Lake Street ;)
SIGN UP NOW!!! It looks like a great fun and creative swap.

 Erica at Golden Egg Vintage is hosting!
I cant wait to find out who my partner is! 
 Trisha and Marci I would love to swap with you each one on one as well!
Swaps and friends make me smile! 
What a great combination!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October fun

Hey Yall  how are you today?
I am on Vacation this week so I am Great!
October has had a lot of fun scheduled in!
Technically this happened on Sept. 29 but I forgot to share so I doing it now
I completed my second 5k mud run\obstacle course!

This was after the Dirty Dash in Virginia Beach!
I did this one on my own, which was a little tough
but I did it! I loved the feeling of accomplishment.
Believe me when I say if I can do it anyone can!
I cannot wait for the next one!

On October 4 we celebrated my Dew Drops First Birthday!
I cannot believe she is 1 already!
Her first taste of cake and she loved it!
Love and adore you Darby!

Then I worked A LOT! and had no fun :(

This past weekend we celebrated our favorite cousins 40th Birthday!
Welcome to your fabulous 40s!

I went junkin on Saturday and only bought 1 thing which is a Christmas gift for someone.
Yesterday I went to the movies with my sister in law Amanda we saw The Best Of Me
Ahhh Nicholas Sparks! Love is books.
The movie was good but the book is way better.
I recommend both!
Today I think I am staying in and working in my craft room, I need to get organized!

Have fun today :)

PS Is anyone interested in a Christmas swap? Leave me a comment or email me if you are !

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Falling for Swaps!

Hey Y'all
How are you today? we are in Indian Summer here 83 degrees and humid in mid October sheesh...Fall and Winter please get here already!
So Deb at Garage Sale Gal and Sandy at 521 Lake Street hosted a cookie cutter swap and if you do not know I LOVE to swap! Of course I joined! Thank You ladies for pairing me with sweet Trisha at American Honey Home  Trisha and I are kindred souls we love so many of the same things and have been through similar circumstances LOVE HER! She spoils me rotten and just look how creative she is...

Oh My Gosh I LOVE it all :)
We could chose a Fall or Halloween theme I do not have a lot of fall decor so I chose that,
she just gets me and I adore every bit.
Thank you my sweet friend Love Ya!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fun with my Chickie

I took this silly Chickie to the Norfolk Zoo
we spent the day together

Laughing, talking, walking and making 
silly faces

Always posing she wanted this photo
on facebook

so stylish

and sweet

my mini me melts my heart

Always smiling

summer fun
on a girls day

Celebrating her 7th Birthday

I Love you to bits Shelby!
I love that we spent the day together at the zoo, having lunch, shopping 
 ending the day having fun at chuck e. cheese
Your hugs are magical,  your kisses are sweet,  your eyes sparkle with a bit of mischief  
you are smart and curious, talented a good sister,  daughter,
granddaughter, niece and friend.
I love that you love I Love Lucy and the Three Stooges
Your heart is full of love, joy and Jesus
My sweet Chickie baby!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dirty Girls

Holy Cow I cannot believe it has 3 months since I was last here! Where has the time gone?
I have been a bit busy but sheesh not that bad!

So lets see what have I done since last here.
Hmmm for my being a better friend "resolution" I have done ok so far this year I missed sending letters in March and May that's not too bad. I have a stack ready to go out tomorrow for July :)

Speaking of July we have had crazy *scary crazy great weather for July in the south! Beautiful days and amazing nights. It's supposed to be a scorcher this weekend though so as the saying goes all good things must come to an
So I don't overwhelm and make a super long post I will just post this for today.

One of the most inspiring and amazing things I have done in my life was the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run! I am telling you now if you EVER get a chance to do one

This was at the starting line from left to right
Joanne, Me, Laura, Beth, Leigh and Amanda

First I have to say if you do not know by now these are the most important women in my life. They are not only my sisters, sis in love, and cousin they are my best friends, amazing mama's, women of great Faith and my life would be incomplete with out them.

Second let me say THIS EVENT WAS CRAZY FUN!
I saw a little ad for it on the fb page of the business that was sponsoring it here in Chesapeake, Va
I thought hmmm Amanda and I don't do a lot together, I think I can do this with her, it's not timed, there is no competition, and while I am far from fit, I bet I could I can go around the obstacles (oh yeah it's an obstacle course too) and we can have fun, she said yes and got all the others involved. we had a meeting to come up with our team name many Vetoed names later we decided on 

Team A.M.E.N.
All Muddy Everywhere Now
Laura made shirts With our team name and verse on the back
This is after the race! I think someone has a photo of all of us with our backs to the camera showing this.
Pretty cool huh! Thanks again La! Love it!

Y'all I cannot tell you how much fun this was.
After the first  obstacles I knew I was gonna have a heart attack!
 LOL but after about a mile I was ok!

We laughed, walk, ran, climbed, crawled, fell, sloshed, oozed, splashed, threw,  skipped, sang,  talked and laughed some more and 2 1/2 hours later we all completed EVERY OBSTACLE  and
 crossed the finish line hand in hand!

Look at our smiles! These are the pics my dad took, there are many more but these are all I have so far.
Me, Beth and half of Leigh

Beth, Leigh and Laura

Leigh and Laura
Amanda, Joanne and Me

A bunch of Dirty Girls!

Amanda said after that we all overcame obstacles that day.
She was right.
Some physical. some mental. and some emotional.
But overcame them we did.
And we did it together.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Hey Y'all how are you today?
I start vacation on Saturday! YES! I need it badly.
Work is...well honestly not great so I am thrilled to finally get a break  form there.
I WISH I had the time to do all I want to in my few days away.
I wish I could load up the car and head out on a road trip,

image from google search
 maybe stop in Idaho to see Trisha, head to Nebraska and have fun with Angela, up north a bit and see Peg in Chicago, or Julie (aka Lucy) in Wisconsin.
They are all so sweet and lovely and live in states I have yet to visit!
Maybe go to Kentucky and sleep in a Wigwam
I have always wanted to stay at this motel
 and I am determined to do so one day!
I have no idea why I want to, but I will! LOL

Most likely I will head to Nags Head or OBX as it is now known
It was always Nags Head, NC 
when I was a kid and some time ago it became 
The Outer Banks 
or OBX as we identify it :)
Eating at Sam & Omies 
image from google search
or at Tortugas
image from google search

I am getting hungry
They are 2 of my favorite places to eat 
down there.
It is definitely a balm to my soul
to be at the beach and the OBX 
is my favorite place to be.
                                       Maybe I will go to Busch Garden or Kinds Dominion.
                                         I LOVE roller coasters and both parks have great ones!
                                               What ever I do I will be sure to share it with you!
                                                                             SEE Ya Soon!