Monday, January 26, 2015

Time for tea

Hey y'all
How are things with you today?
Ok here.
So yesterday the ladies in the family got together and had a ladies tea.
We like to treat ourselves on occasion and after spending a lot at a few different tea rooms over the years we decided to do our own and we are great at it lol.
Of course I don't have a single photo of it! Sheesh we were enjoying ourselves too much.
I did spend some aunt Jenny time with all 4 of my little loves and these two wanted to take selfies so here I am with Shelby and Layden.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015!

Hey y'all how was your Christmas?
Ours was nice it felt a little more like normal this year.
I worked a ton, so for me it was rushed and I never did feel the Christmas spirit or the magic of the season that I crave. Oh well maybe this year...

I did a couple of one on one swaps for  Christmas.
First up is my swap with Marci this was her first swap and I am so glad she decided to swap with me!
I hope it is the first of many for her.
Here is what miss MJ sent me, she made me feel so cared about! Love ya Marci!
I love the ornaments, I use the C7 bulbs on my tree inside and the C9 bulbs outside,
it is just not  Christmas without them, so the big bulb is perfect,
the sleigh speaks to my love of things of old,
the mug is my new favorite! Huge and just perfect for hot chocolate!
And of course a little something sweet :)

I also swapped with Trisha, Love her she gets me and we love many of the same things!
Love her style and how she adds sparkle to my tree!

So Sweet! It really looks like a decorated cookie in person.
Um... I would show you the treats she sent, but we kinda devoured them,
 Lee and I indulged ourselves, (make that gorged) on maple fudge, nut clusters, peppermint bark and peanut butter balls.
They were so good!

Now for the bad 
This is the aftermath of Christmas crafting, wrapping, storing etc... in my craft room!
OYE! You should see the table! Completely covered.
LOL I just shut the door and ignored it for the past week.
Yikes, I don't even know where to start in there! LOL
So if you need me, other than working that is where I will be :)

Now who is ready for a Valentine swap?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas kitchen Swap

Hey Y'all
I love this time of year, there usually seems to be a bit of magic in the air, not really feeling it this year.  Work has wrecked that. Hopefully in the next week I will find and feel a bit of magic, I need it,  just doesn't feel like Christmas without it.
What does feel like Christmas is swapping with a new friend!
Debby at Cozy Blanket and I were partnered and I have a new friend she says I am stuck with her ha ha,  well I can handle that! She is the sweetest and treated me lavishly in the gifts she sent.
So cute and sweet and looks great on 
my tree in the kitchen!

Sweet bottle brush tree in a bottle!
Sparkles in the snow.

Blessed little peg angel, lots of bits and bobs
to craft with, and a Debbie Macomber book
I have not yet read.

See I told you treats galore!
I am so thankful for our little blog community.
Thank You Debby! I am truly grateful!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas is on the way....

Hey y'all!
OK you know I love swaps and stumbled over this one today thanks to Sandy at 521 Lake Street ;)
SIGN UP NOW!!! It looks like a great fun and creative swap.

 Erica at Golden Egg Vintage is hosting!
I cant wait to find out who my partner is! 
 Trisha and Marci I would love to swap with you each one on one as well!
Swaps and friends make me smile! 
What a great combination!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October fun

Hey Yall  how are you today?
I am on Vacation this week so I am Great!
October has had a lot of fun scheduled in!
Technically this happened on Sept. 29 but I forgot to share so I doing it now
I completed my second 5k mud run\obstacle course!

This was after the Dirty Dash in Virginia Beach!
I did this one on my own, which was a little tough
but I did it! I loved the feeling of accomplishment.
Believe me when I say if I can do it anyone can!
I cannot wait for the next one!

On October 4 we celebrated my Dew Drops First Birthday!
I cannot believe she is 1 already!
Her first taste of cake and she loved it!
Love and adore you Darby!

Then I worked A LOT! and had no fun :(

This past weekend we celebrated our favorite cousins 40th Birthday!
Welcome to your fabulous 40s!

I went junkin on Saturday and only bought 1 thing which is a Christmas gift for someone.
Yesterday I went to the movies with my sister in law Amanda we saw The Best Of Me
Ahhh Nicholas Sparks! Love is books.
The movie was good but the book is way better.
I recommend both!
Today I think I am staying in and working in my craft room, I need to get organized!

Have fun today :)

PS Is anyone interested in a Christmas swap? Leave me a comment or email me if you are !

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Falling for Swaps!

Hey Y'all
How are you today? we are in Indian Summer here 83 degrees and humid in mid October sheesh...Fall and Winter please get here already!
So Deb at Garage Sale Gal and Sandy at 521 Lake Street hosted a cookie cutter swap and if you do not know I LOVE to swap! Of course I joined! Thank You ladies for pairing me with sweet Trisha at American Honey Home  Trisha and I are kindred souls we love so many of the same things and have been through similar circumstances LOVE HER! She spoils me rotten and just look how creative she is...

Oh My Gosh I LOVE it all :)
We could chose a Fall or Halloween theme I do not have a lot of fall decor so I chose that,
she just gets me and I adore every bit.
Thank you my sweet friend Love Ya!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fun with my Chickie

I took this silly Chickie to the Norfolk Zoo
we spent the day together

Laughing, talking, walking and making 
silly faces

Always posing she wanted this photo
on facebook

so stylish

and sweet

my mini me melts my heart

Always smiling

summer fun
on a girls day

Celebrating her 7th Birthday

I Love you to bits Shelby!
I love that we spent the day together at the zoo, having lunch, shopping 
 ending the day having fun at chuck e. cheese
Your hugs are magical,  your kisses are sweet,  your eyes sparkle with a bit of mischief  
you are smart and curious, talented a good sister,  daughter,
granddaughter, niece and friend.
I love that you love I Love Lucy and the Three Stooges
Your heart is full of love, joy and Jesus
My sweet Chickie baby!