Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cloche Swap

Hey Y'all how are you today?
It is a gorgeous day here in the south east!
Sunny and 75 (love Joe Nichols too)
We ran up to the hardware store to pick up lunches (we bought tickets from our local Boy Scouts)
we came home and ate on the screen porch, we had dinner there last night too ;)
It is quickly becoming my favorite spring time spot!
onto the post :)
Shirley of Zetta's Aprons and I were among many of the ladies that signed up for Deb and Sandy's Spring Cloche Swap at 521 Lake Street.
Now y'all I have to be honest the whole cloche thing escapes me, why everyone is obsessed with puttin' stuff under a glass dome makes me shake my head, I just don't get it, but I support those who do whole hearted!  HOWEVER  when I saw all the cute as pie spring time scenes, under the dome of a plastic dollar store wine glass I just had to jump in!
Shirley and I met a while back through Sandy's Easter Swap and I have adored her since.
We were lucky to be matched again YAY!
She is so talented and I just love her sweet spirit.
Here is what she sent to me this spring.
Sweet as can be chickie ornament <3

A few sweet treats...we know each other pretty well, I sent her the same ones!

Shirley paints and alters the most adorable boxes, I LOVE IT!
Some of my little Easter bits for crafting will fill it!
Inside this sweet box was.....

THIS GARLAND, I squealed with delight as I opened it,
Lee just laughed at me silly man, he still doesn't get why swaps
make me but they do because of ladies like Shirley!
Last but never least 
The Cloche!
My sweet little lamb holding some forget-me-nots 
a pretty pink rose tucked behind her ear
leaning against a little white fence, sitting on the grass
in a jello mold,
on her handmade cute as a cupcake base.
I love Shirley to bits.
She just had a birthday 
Happy Belated Birthday Shirley
and also,
She is in the midst of a heartache 
so keep her in your prayers too.
Thank You So Much.
Every Bit Is Perfect.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Joanne Fluke 2014!

Hey Y'all how are ya today?
It has been a beautiful weekend here in Va.
I was off all weekend to enjoy it.
We grilled out Friday and Saturday night, and enjoyed our meals on the screen porch.
I also finally had a chance to get to the bookstore and pick up a copy of
The Hannah Swensen installment for this year.
As some of you may recall I was a character in the series last year, in 
I also got a chance to meet Jo last year at a bookstore in Richmond when she was here for a book signing :)
Read all about it HERE
Well this year I am in the book too! 
I was so tickled :)
Ok so I am only on page 330 and I am only in 2 paragraphs, but 
I don't care! I love it and I will be tickled pink if I am in every book she writes!
My Character is
 Jenny Hester, Nurse at Lake Eden Hospital 
Love ya Jo and thanks for including me again!
It made my day :)

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not too thrilled....

Hey y'all how are ya today?
It sounds like most of the country is having crazy spring weather! Today got to 74 here and tomorrow 40 is the high. Crazy.

So I received a message from a very upset lady, she was looking for my blog (...I never did find out why) when she put in Jennys Heart images of a nude young girl came up and she blasted me with both barrels.
Slow your roll lady, the photos are not of me nor anyone I know!
So after I read her message, I googled, binged, and yahoo searched my blog name sometimes I came up first, sometimes a young porn star named Jenny Heart did!
So now I am wondering if it is time for a name change?

Part of me wants something new, however everything here is what I love, it is my heart.
Changes are good, and trying new things and changes are what I desire this year.
At the same time....I was here
Hmmmm Decisions...
What do you think?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring time fun 2014 style

Hey Y'all how are ya today?
Spring is in the air here today, the doors and windows are open and my nose and eyes are running, but it is worth it, today is beautiful!
I want to let y'all know about a new swap over at Sandy's
She is the sweetest and I love her swaps. I have never done a cloche before, they are really not my thing, but after seeing the most adorable things one can do with a plastic wine glass...holy sweetness, count me in!
Sign up QUICKLY! You only have until the 14th!
Check out her post at 521 Lake Street
bring some spring sweetness and a new friend into your life!

X's & Os

Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Hey Y'all how are ya today?
I am having a pretty low key day, off work for 3 days helps!
So it is that time of year again :)
I have aged another year! Phew  the last one flew past too quickly.
I love this cake! I found the photo on Bing search.

My Birthday is actually Monday and since I have to work that day I decided to make a weekend of it early.
Tomorrow I think I am gonna take the day to myself and wander some junk shops, eat some place Lee would never and just enjoy myself. Its supposed to he sunny and 60 tomorrow so I think it will be a good day for it.
the Daytona 500 and since Lee got cable installed for the first time in years I can actually see it! WHOO HOO! 
If somehow it has escaped you I am a huge race fan (well racing,football, baseball,etc...)and Jeff Burton has been my driver for years, now that he is semi retired I have to pull for me 2nd favorite Jimmie Johnson!
Lee is a Jeff Gordon fan, so are both my sister in laws and my brother in law. 
So the plan for Sunday is good food and the race. I am a simple gal it will make me happy. Monday is back to work and my 41st year. Next Saturday the family will come over and celebrate with me..
Thank You to each of you for spending another year with me. LOVE YOU!
Xs & Os,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cotton pickin Fun Swap!

Hey Y'all! How are ya today? It is snowing again here in the southeastern part of Virginia, I cannot recall a time since I was very little (maybe late 70s) since we have had so much snow. I know all my Northern and West and Mid West friends think that is hysterical, but we don't get this much snow...ever! It'll be gone quick....again so I am gonna love it while I can.
OK So I promised you my other swap!
Oh my gosh have you met Holly at Cotton Pickin Fun?
She is so talented and creative and we have so much in common! I have a new friend for life in her! We love a lot of the same things so when Sandy at 521 Lake Street matched us for her Valentine Swap She could not have picked a better pair! Thanks Sandy :)
We both LOVE everything Vintage and golly did she spoil me.
The Cutest and sweetest tiny handmade felt bear and heart.
In a tiny valentine decorated matchbox!

It all arrived in this lovely box.
I am gonna use it for October Afternoon Bits and pieces.
OA is my go to favorite paper line!

Here is all my goodies together, I could not get this photo to load first to save my hiney!
See the sweet pencil, her daughter sell them in her ETSY shop.
Envelopes, a pen, ribbon, and a stamp.
She knows me well already!

Golden Book Love love love!
A sweet as can be Peg Doll, hand made by Holly, 
A super sweet tag, just our style :)
Stamps, papers, and ephemera, and the tiny matchbox.
Oh my good gravy IRMI adorable, vintage Jello molds filled with vintage picks and goodies, and the other mold has a sweet bunny and carrots she made in them.
ribbon and lace, doilies and vintage rose seals, a felt heart she made for me.a sweet snowflake
and sugar free treats (dang diabetes)
I was blown away.
Holly was so generous and I am forever thankful to her.
Stop by her blog and see what i sent her.
I am spoiled rotten :)

Linking toPink Saturday

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweet Swaps!

Hey Y'all, how are ya today?

I wanted to share one of my Valentine Swaps with you.
I will share the other in the next post.
First up is the Spoolie Swap.
I joined up over at Its A Very Cherry World
and I was partnered with Hope in the UK
She is so sweet! she is from Arkansas living in Britain now.
I was so tickled, y'all know I am an anglophile!
WhooHoo goodies from across the pond.
Hope is so very talented and I was spoiled rotten, let ma show ya!
My  Sweet as can be spoolie!
How lucky am I!

Treats, treats, and more treats!
Cadburys chocolate bar, vintage straws, EPHEMERA GALORE!
and Mr.Kipling's angel cakes YUM!

SWEET hand stitched HEARTS!
Y'all know how I love hearts!

Sweet little pompom cheep LOVE HER!
Haribo gummies made in Ireland, my spoolie, sweet postcards and pictures

Milky Bar chocolates, a sweet heart and buttons, ribbon and 
a pretty flower ornament.
I am so grateful for each and every bit!
Hope is so generous and I was overwhelmed.
Thank You Hope!
I was so glad to swap with you.
Linking to Pink Saturday